Appertaining to the person; belonging to an individual; limited to the person; having the nature or partaking of the qualities of human beings, or of movable property. In re Steimes' Estate, 150 Misc. 279, 270 N.Y.S. 339.
As to personal action
- personal assets
- personal chattel
- personal covenant
- personal credit
- personal demand
- personal disability
- personal franchise
- personal injury
- personal judgment
- personal knowledge
- personal liberty
- personal notice
- personal obligation
- personal replevin
- personal representative
- personal right
- personal security
- personal service
- personal servitude
- personal statute
- personal tax
- personal tithes
- personal tort
- personal warranty, see those titles
@ personal belongings
In probate law, term is a broad classification and in absence of restriction may include most or all of the testator's personal property. Goggans v. Simmons, Tex.Civ.App., 319 S.W.2d 442, 445.
See also personal effects
@ personal defenses
In commercial law, term usually refers to defenses that cannot be asserted against a holder in due course in enforcing an instrument. Also refers to defenses of a principal debtor against a creditor that cannot be asserted derivatively by a surety
@ personal effects
Articles associated with person, as property having more or less intimate relation to person of possessor; "effects" meaning movable or chattel property of any kind. Usual reference is to such items as the following owned by a decedent at the time of death: clothing, furniture, jewelry, stamp and coin collections, silverware, china, crystal, cooking utensils, books, cars, televisions, radios, etc. Term "personal effects" when employed in a will enjoys no settled technical meaning and, when used in its primary sense, without any qualifying words, ordinarily embraces such tangible property as is worn or carried about the person, or tangible property having some intimate relation to the person of the testator or testatrix; where it is required by the context within which the term appears, it may enjoy a broader meaning. In re Stengel's Estate, Mo.App., 557 S.W.2d 255, 260.
@ personal holding company
Type of corporation subject to special Personal Holding Company Tax (I.R.C. No. 541 et seq.) on undistributed income so as to preclude use of such organization by individuals in high tax brackets to avoid taxes. Typically, such corporations have a limited number of shareholders and the major sources of revenue are from passive income such as dividends, interest, annuities, royalties, rent, and the like
@ personal holding company income
Income as defined by I.R.C. No. 543. Such income includes interest, dividends, certain rents and royalties, income from the use of corporate property by certain shareholders, income from certain personal service contracts, and distributions from estates and trusts. Such income is relevant in determining whether a corporation is a personal holding company and is therefore subject to the penalty tax on personal holding companies
@ personal holding company tax
Federal tax imposed on personal holding companies and designed to force the distribution of corporate earnings through the threat of a penalty tax on the corporation. I.R.C. No. 541
- personal injury (injury)
- personal judgment (judgment)
@ personal income
The income which an individual earns or receives.
+ personal income
In taxation, the total of income received by individuals from all sources. Unearned income. Income derived from investments, such as dividends and interest, as distinguished from income derived from personal labor
See income
@ personal jurisdiction
The power of a court over the person of a defendant in contrast to the jurisdiction of a court over a defendant's property or his interest therein; in personam as opposed to in rent jurisdiction.
@ personal liability
A kind of responsibility for the payment or performance of an obligation which exposes the personal assets of the responsible person to payment of the obligation.
See e.g. surety.
The liability of the stockholders in corporations, under certain statutes, by which they may be held individually responsible for the debts of the corporation, either to the extent of the par value of their respective holdings of stock, or to twice that amount, or without limit, or otherwise, as the particular statute directs. This may be required by state statute of stockholders of a new corporation that is undercapitalized
- personal property tax
@ personal recognizance
See release on own recognizance

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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